We value the time and quality moments spent in securing your properties.

Our Services

Protecting People, Properties & Premises.


Bafol Management Services provide specially trained personnel to clients, for the provision of personal protection to such clients. We operate full and part-time teams involved in the protection of recognized leaders, corporate executives, dignitaries, and celebrities.

Our concerns include travel as well as family and residential protection. We can arrange for stakeholders meetings, conference, and convention protective services and can coordinate executive travel domestically and internationally in a safe and secure manner.


The company provides security cover for important social events such as Wedding, Launching, Funeral, Product Promotion, etc. We have successfully provided Security coverage for notable corporate bodies and individuals. Our experience and versatility in traffic and crowd control has given an added advantage in this area.


We train security operatives in companies who need to constantly update their men with the newest technology and skills in security.

The Training Academy allows the Company to respond quickly to new assignments and contracts and
ensures that all guards and personnel possess strict standards of proficiency and compliance.


Part of the Academy curriculum focuses on tactical preparedness. Tactical preparedness can only be achieved through the provision of equipment, the essential personnel in place and extensive training. The security assessment performed for each new contract, assignment and location address potential emergency scenarios.

Bafol Security Management and Trainers work closely with industry professionals and clients to determine threats and to prepare tactical response protocols. The Bafol Management  academy uses both in-house and independent trainers.


With our fleet of escort and passenger (usually SUVs) vehicles, VIPs, at risk personnel are escorted with armed policemen to their destinations within the city.

Our fleet of vehicles is depreciated over a three year period. Daily newspapers/magazines are kept in the vehicles to keep passengers abreast of happenings in the country. To be a Personal Protection Escort for a Client or Principal is a task of immense pride and responsibility. Our Escort Section Team members are Qualified and trained to be efficient, courteous, diligent and to act with integrity in all they do.

Our fleet of vehicles are covered by the insurances below:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Professional indemnity liability insurance
  • Passenger liability insurance

At Bafol Management Services, our Protocol and Journey Management services include the following :

  • Arranging Airport pick up or drop off for clients at designated airports.  We discuss with our clients and agree on a methodology for identification at the airport.  
  • Meet & Greet at both international and local Airports for all race and Expatriates.
  • We liaise with the airport authorities to ensure that assistance is provided to the client while undergoing the various airport formalities.
  • Air-conditioned and comfortable cars are provided for clients. 

Securing you anywhere you can imagine.

Not only to parties, company or individual guard, escort and airport pickup, but anywhere you want to be secured.

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